a Cutshop® franchise getS you so much more than just a great brand name!

Cutshop business models

Our motto of "being in business for yourself, but not by yourself" is not just idle talk.

We offer expertise, services, marketing, support in all aspects of growing and managing your business, training, supplier introductions, local marketing awareness to mention but a few.


We offer a choice of business models to suit you

Cutshop business model - Traditional

The traditional Cutshop® business model consisting of a front-office and a fully configured factory setup with a CNC, a large edgebander, and other mandated tooling requirements.

Investment: Between $900k and $1.2m

A participant in the beSpoke & Hub business model consisting of a front-office and a small factory setup but where a Hub factory or a traditional Cutshop® is used to provide all CNC and edgebanding capabilities.

Investment: ~ $350k

CSB - Hub and beSpoke 0519.png

We offer numerous Advantages as part of the of the CUTSHOP® franchise model

  • An unallocated territory of your choice.

  • An Excel business scenario planning tool to model your business with near-real data.

  • A first-cut demographic overview of your chosen territory.

  • Help and tools to identify your target markets.

  • Honest and open feedback about your business plan prior to signing a Cutshop® franchise agreement.

  • Introduction to important suppliers (machinery, services and material suppliers).

  • Discounted machinery pricing and solutions (the full discount is passed on as Cutshop® takes no rebates on any transactions).

  • Help to choose, negotiate and set-up your new business premises.

  • A pre-opening 6-month radio awareness campaign of your Cutshop® franchise and Cutshop® brand in your immediate and surrounding territories.

  • A post-opening marketing intervention to introduce the franchise owner to the local business community.

  • Help & advise on how to identify your target audiences and campaign assistance in promoting to the targeted audiences.

  • Help & training of industry understanding, your customers, how to manage your business, recruitment and how to manage your staff.

  • Ongoing help in creating understanding and improvement of business and operational practices.

  • Ongoing improvement of type and usage of systems.

  • Membership of the Cutshop® community.

  • Participation in discounted supplier lists and offerings.

  • Participation in the Panels4U Service Supplier network.


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