Cutshop Waikato has cemented its offer as a support to a wide range of businesses and sectors in the rapidly growing Waikato region since 2016.  Those served not only reflect the variety of the local economy but also the flexibility of Cutshop as a contract cutting service.

Franchisee Keith Hofer arrived at Cutshop following an early career in information technology and is now using his experience to power the production side of the manufacturing business to deliver innovative solutions.  “From the cutting of one board to the creation of a complex product it is the combination of programming and production that can help anyone with an idea, bring it to life,” he says.

Many people come to Cutshop wanting us to cut panels for kitchens, cupboards, wardrobes and shelves, and we have become their preferred supplier - this is a big part of our business.
But a lot of people also want us to be their manufacturing partner for a product they’ve thought about or designed, that they want to see as a prototype and then a finished product.

The range of projects Cutshop Waikato has supported in a short space of time, speak for themselves - among them are:

At Cutshop Waikato, another job we’ve enjoyed cutting is this black PlyPlay kitchen.

  • Mini-kitchen fit-outs for a 50 campervans, over an 12-week pre-summer period  

  • Building bobby pens for a Waikato based farm manufacturer

  • Developing mobile retail units for a Hamilton pharmacy 

  • A turntable desk for a DJ 

  • Producing 85 circular table tops for a large venue based catering company 

  • Providing framework to support an arched bridge construction

  • Decking for ute and van fit-outs

  • Working with a toy entrepreneur to build a range of Dinorockers - dinosaur rocking horses

  • Developing a innovative, multi-mode high chair and standing tower product for toddlers, and parents!


The variety of what we can do is probably one of the biggest attractions for customers - combining IT and advanced production processes, we operate a very smart factory that’s able to produce everything from a garage shelf to highly sophisticated fit-outs.

Custom-made shelves designed to be mobile and display key products on sale in store and store excess stock or less popular items.

Bespoke desk, shelves and cabinets for a home library.

When you’re dealing with such small living spaces, there’s no room for error... Cutshop® get it bang on every time. And they’re a lot faster than anyone else I’ve ever dealt with. They can cut, edge and drill a kitchen in a week.

If you are interested in seeing what we can do for your business as a preferred supplier or manufacturing partner, give us a call on 07 444 5545.

At Cutshop Waikato, another neat job we’ve enjoyed cutting is the  Arc Assistant . This is an innovative 5-in-1 piece of children’s furniture, designed for the under 5’s. The Arc Assistant is an enclosed stool with an adjustable platform that can grow with the child – allowing preschoolers to work safely alongside adults at kitchen bench height.
Cutshop® are really easy to deal with, they’re very friendly guys. We’ve put a bit of pressure on them at times and they’ve done well... Cutshop® always deliver a nice, tidy job. The flow-through has been much easier – and that keeps our customers happy.
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