A kitchen is barely a kitchen without the cabinets, cupboards, and pantries that make it the heart of the home.  Everything but the kitchen sink?  Hardly - without them, kitchen makers, outfitters, designers and their clients would be left with nothing but the kitchen sink! 

With the increasing work required to design, build, and install flat pack, ready-made kitchens to the high standards of discerning clients, this could well be the case.

What you need is a new recipe for success in the kitchen (-making trade).

Everything and the kitchen sink

Struggling to keep up with demand?  Looking to expand?  Like anything you do in the kitchen, you need a new ingredient for success.  You need Cutshop®!

We’re preferred suppliers and manufacturers of ready-to-assemble and flat pack kitchen cabinetry to the kitchen trade.  Our CNC cutting and edge banding services are capable of cutting everything from solid timber and composites like MDF sheeting and plywood for the creation of cut-to-size cabinets, through to acrylics and perspex that make the ideal splashback, offering the best of both form and function.

There’s no need to invest in costly machinery or employ more people: we’ve got the tools and the expertise you need.

As for the recipe steps?  It’s simple!  Take your jobs at hand, add in the three largest flatbed CNCs in New Zealand, before sprinkling with our expertise and a dash of precision, and you’ll be able to build your reputation of getting the job done to the highest standard and served using a fast 5-working-day turnaround!

Fast food?  Forget it. How about fast kitchen furniture?

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No matter what the recipe, any baker can do wonders in the kitchen with some good ingredients and an upbeat attitude!
— Buddy Valastro

We can help you ‘kit’ out a kitchen

  • Tired of sketching beautiful kitchens on scruffy scraps of paper? Wow your customer with our in-house design & quote software - we have a workstation set up in Mt Wellington and Hamilton, book in a time now!

  • With the largest flat-bed CNC machines in the country, we can quickly and easily scale up depending on your requirements.

  • Our factories offer precision cutting and edging services, with a consistent 100% repetition accuracy for materials from solid wood or timber, to composites such as MDF, plywood and particle board, bamboo and veneers, acrylics, aluminium and even polystyrene for mouldings and signage.

  • With our “factory in your back pocket”, you can take on large jobs or complete existing ones knowing the manufacturing will be looked after.

Give us a call on 0800 288 7467 to start your next kitchen project.