More than most any other component of the modern kitchen, we spend much of our time reaching into - or up to - kitchen drawers and shelves.  With this up-close and personal relationship, it’s only a matter of time before discerning clients catch on to poor finishes, odd angles, or other imperfections.

Nowadays, clients desire hard-wearing kitchen shelves that will stand the test of time, but also match interior design aesthetic.  There are few places for poorly made drawers or shelves to hide in a modern kitchen, so where to from here? 

white kitchen cupboards

Stop ‘shelving’ your kitchen plans

Cut out the stress of precision measurement, cutting, and manufacturing with Cutshop®.  With our unparalleled CNC cutting and laser edging services, we can cut and edge shelves and drawers to your exact specifications and requirements, and surpass your clients’ exacting standards.

We’re leaders in made-to-measure kitchen manufacturing, so we can craft super-durable drawers and shelves that offer the best of both worlds, standing up to daily wear and tear while complementing existing kitchen designs or forming the backbone of a new install.  With the largest cnc flatbed machines in the country, you’ll never have to worry about the fit or finish of your shelves or drawers again. 

‘Draw’ your own conclusions about the benefits Cutshop® offer your business

  • With the largest flatbed CNC machines in the country, we can quickly and easily scale up depending on your requirements, guaranteeing quality workmanship and fast turnaround within all of our custom built kitchen cupboard projects.

  • Our factories offer precision cutting and edging services, with a consistent 100% repetition accuracy for materials from solid wood or timber, to composites such as MDF, plywood and particle board, bamboo and veneers, acrylics, aluminium and even polystyrene for mouldings and signage.

  • When you have our “factory in your back pocket”, you can take on large jobs or complete existing ones knowing the kitchen manufacturing will be looked after.

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