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Deliver only the best with the seamless finish of our laser edging services for cabinet shelves, panels, and benchtops

There’s no denying it: if you’re a kitchen designer, cabinet maker, shopfitter, or furniture creator in need of edging, you’re spoiled for choice.

‘Cutting-edge’ innovations are at your fingertips with invisible joints and waterproof joints all possible for that perfect finish on kitchen and bathroom furniture.

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A 'seamless' blend of design and manufacturing

The “zero-glue-line” appearance of laser edging achieves a new pinnacle of furniture and kitchen design aesthetic, providing a jointless, seamless transition between edging and panel - the perfect finish to wow high-end clients who demand only the highest quality of finish. You won’t find a seam or join line in sight.  If you’re producing top-quality cabinetry, shelving, or panels, this quality finish is the new standard.

If you are after a high bond strength and moisture resistant solution, PUR (Polyurethane Reactive Glue) is ideally suited for the application of solid hardwood, high pressure and even compact grade laminate as an edging solution.

How do you achieve these results?  It’s easy.  With our precision cutting and cabinet edging services in your back pocket, there’s no extra work required.  Forget about tech’ing up or the burden of costly equipment.  Simply take on high-end projects with confidence and promise quality, world-class finishes knowing you’ll be able to deliver on time with our fast, 5 working-day turnaround.

Gain a competitive ‘edge’ with laser and PUR edging

  • PUR Edging provides a waterproof, invisible joint ideal for kitchen, garage, and bathroom furniture, boasting a zero bondline with a high resistance to heat, cold, and chemicals.

  • Laser Edging is less susceptible to the common signs of wear and tear often associated with standard edging methods, offering a moisture, bacteria, and heat resistant finish that increases the longevity of furniture components.

  • A joint-free finish achieves a level of quality that helps commercial shopfitters, as well as kitchen or furniture manufacturers, reach meticulous clients with an eye for detail.

  • Our factories offer precision cutting and edging services, with a consistent 100% repetition accuracy for materials from solid wood or timber, to composites such as MDF, plywood, particle board, and veneers.

How it works - laser, PUR, and EVA edging

Out with the tried and in with the truly innovative!  New laser edge banding technology gives you the ‘edge’ over competitors and common solutions alike with an adhesive-free technique that achieves a completely sealed, seamless, aesthetically perfect join on various thickness of material including laminated chipboard and MDF.  

Adaptable to your specific requirements, laser edging melts a perfectly colour-matched functional layer on the reverse side of the edgeband, wedding it to the carrier board to create a high-end finish for cabinet shelves, panels, and benchtops. 

We also work with reactive polyurethane (PUR) and EVA based hot melt adhesives which, depending on usage and application, can also provide visually perfect results. 

PUR glue uses thin film technology to create a smooth finish while offering good bond strength and high heat, chemical, and moisture resistance.  It’s the perfect way to give your clients the quality finish they deserve and give you peace of mind knowing that your products don’t just look good but are practical too.  Likewise, EVA glue is a standout finishing option for cabinetry not exposed to any moisture. 

Standing the test of time?  Check!

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