Cutshop® is a manufacturing partner for interior designers and decorators working on home renovations and bach upgrades.  We specialise in your bespoke requirements! 

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kitchen cabinets.jpg

Kitchen renovation?  Cutshop® it.

They say the kitchen is the heart of the home, but you can hardly expect it to beat if it lacks the cabinets and pantries that transform any old kitchen into a stylish, functional space.  Increasingly required to be both practical and eye-catching, kitchen cabinets aren’t just a workhorse of the modern kitchen, they also set the style and the tone. 


Wardrobe makeover?  Cutshop® it.

Avoid the 'robe less travelled' - choose Cutshop®!

Whether it’s for a tight space or a spacious walk-in; a new addition or a long-awaited wardrobe makeover, a made-to-measure wardrobe can quickly and easily transform a space.  Forget clutter. Bye-bye, makeshift storage.  Instead, say hello to an organised space where there really is a place for everything!

garage storage.jpg

Garage organisation?  Cutshop® it.

An organised man cave is all the rage - choose Cutshop®!

They might call it a ‘man cave’, but it doesn’t have to look like one. Far from it, in fact!  Whether it’s for a cramped place or a cavernous space, garage organisation gets the power tools and play toys off the floor, giving that prehistoric location in every Kiwi’s home the modern makeover it so desperately deserves! 


Topographical map for Shineathon 2016?

Cutshop® it.

A classic example of "bespoke requirements" is a small project we did for the 2016 ‘Shineathon’ — a televised five-day fundraising event to raise money to enable ShineTV to broadcast throughout New Zealand.

The people at Shine were keen on a New Zealand map that displayed their progress to viewers would be an interesting idea.

“We approached Cutshop® with the idea of a map, and they took it from there. It turned out far beyond our expectations,”— Matt West, Rhema Media.

Cutshop® created a New Zealand map complete with realistic topography. We also attached a tube. Every time enough money was raised to reach 250 homes, an orange ping pong ball was shot through the tube and onto the map — it looked rather impressive on the telly!

The fundraiser was a fabulous success, and Shine TV raised $647,000 against a target of $500k.