You know, you needn’t be a tradie to create something spectacular. You just need an idea.

However, if you want to take on a DIY project but lack technical skill or machinery, it is frustrating. For a start, you risk doing yourself an injury, and unfortunately, most professional workshops are reluctant to take on small jobs … at a reasonable price, that is.

The beauty of Cutshop is that we make DIY accessible to everyone — if you can draw it, we can make it.

This is because we have the expertise. We have also invested in machinery, such as CNCs and edge banders, so you don’t need to.

An unusual job

A classic example is a small project we did for Shine TV. Recently, they ran a ‘Shineathon’ — a televised five-day fundraising event to raise money to enable them to broadcast throughout New Zealand.

They thought a New Zealand map that displayed their progress to viewers would be an interesting idea.

So, they approached us for help.

Now, remember the people at Shine TV aren’t tradies; they just needed to turn their idea into reality.

 “We approached Cutshop with the idea of a map, and they took it from there. It turned out far beyond our expectations,”— Matt West, Rhema Media.

The process

All the people at Shine TV had to do was choose the material and complete a QuickCut list. We then added the detail and programmed it into our CNC machine.

What’s a CNC?

In case you don’t know, a CNC (computer numerical control) machine is controlled by a computer. Ours enables us to create complicated designs of all shapes (circles, squares and radius corners, etc.)  with minimal human error. Honestly, there isn’t much it can’t do because we have some clever programmers.

From Shine TV’s basic idea, we created a New Zealand map complete with realistic topography. We also attached a tube. Every time enough money was raised to reach 250 homes, an orange ping pong ball was shot through the tube and onto the map — it looked rather impressive on TV.

Incidentally, the fundraiser was a fabulous success: Shine TV aimed for $500,000 and raised $647,000.

There’s not much we can’t cut

We are not limited to cutting laminated timber and MDF. We can cut just about anything, including veneer, acrylic panels, sheets of Perspex, aluminium, ACM, expanded foam, polystyrene and plastic foam.

What is your great DIY idea? Don't let a lack of know-how or tools get in the way. Give us a call.