Martin Hunter used Cutshop as a DIYer. That, though, was just the beginning – his positive experience led to an ongoing business relationship.  

Martin has spent a lot of time in the UK.  So, he is used to walking into a store to purchase sheets of laminated timber. However, when building his own kitchen, he found it wasn’t so easy here in New Zealand.

So, using contacts in the UK, Martin imported the timber needed.  During the process, it occurred to Martin that he might have discovered a business opportunity, so he set up specialist wooden benchtop company called Timbertops. At around the same time, he also discovered Cutshop.

Cutshop provides laser edging, drilling and cutting services to the trade and DIY. They can cut almost any material, including solid timber, plywood, veneers, acrylic, particle board, Perspex and aluminium.

“At Timbertops, we specialise in quality wooden benchtops. When a customer places an order, we get Cutshop to cut the timber to size, cut holes for the sink and taps as well as cut grooves underneath so benchtops can be bolted together.”

Though Timbertops has a workshop, Martin says it is uneconomical to cut benchtops themselves. 

“We just can’t do it for anywhere near the low price Cutshop charges — we don’t have a CNC machine, so the process is labour-intensive and takes too much time."

Martin explains that at Timbertops, they only cut the difficult jobs that require on-site modifications. This enables them to allow for out-of-level walls etc. In those situations, production costs are higher. 

By using Cutshop to cut and drill benchtops, Martin says Timbertops can take on more work and, actually, reduce overheads. Cutshop also enables them to be far more price competitive than they otherwise would be.

To learn how Cutshop can help your business handle more work, reduce overheads and keep price competitive, please get in touch