Our minds are amazing, aren’t they?  There is seemingly no limit to what we can create.  But what happens when a lack of technical know-how prevents our ideas from taking shape?  In this article, we talk with Susan Christie, owner of online art and accessories store Formantics, about how Cutshop adds value to her business.

Formantics, based in Auckland’s North Shore, sells limited-edition art and accessories online.  They aim to create quality art and design products that are affordable to New Zealanders.  The range includes original paintings, art prints, shelves, ceramics and vintage armchairs—all lovingly created by visual arts graduate Susan.

Recently, Susan approached Cutshop for help with some round shelves to display her products.

“I was so excited when I found them. I think, as a designer, you have all these ideas, but you don’t necessarily have the skills to put them into practice. I’m a painter, sewer, ceramic artist — I wanted to design a shelf that would pull all of these crafts together.”

Can you draw it?

At Cutshop, we provide edging, drilling and CNC cutting services for tradies and DIYers.  There’s not a lot we can’t cut — sheets of MDF, plywood, solid timber, Perspex sheets, aluminium, you name it.

For DIYers, Cutshop makes projects possible that otherwise wouldn’t be due to a lack of machinery and expertise.

For tradies, we become an extension of their workshops.  Tradespeople don’t need to invest in expensive machinery such as CNCs and edge-banders. They are also able to take on more work and reduce their overheads at the same time.

Susan: “So, I had this idea for a shelf, but I didn’t know how to make it.  Dave from Cutshop Albany was great. He said: ‘It’s easy; you draw what you want and we’ll make it.”


“One of the great things about Cutshop is that they are so reasonably priced. You can get a whole sheet cut in one go because it’s done by a computer.”

Susan is looking forward to an ongoing relationship with Cutshop, and for her next project, she has some table designs in mind.

“The guys at Cutshop are so enthusiastic about both their business and mine. It’s always nice to deal with people who are passionate about what they do.”

To learn more about how Cutshop can add value to your business, please get in touch.