Splashbacks are important, yet often overlooked, components in kitchens, bathrooms and laundries. We have just introduced a new product called Reflections to our range.

Why do you need a splashback?

It goes without saying that walls and cabinetry react unfavourably to heat and moisture. And, of course, splashbacks behind kitchen stovetops, for example, provide necessary protection against heat, oil and water, and make walls much easier to clean!

Also, like decorative panels, splashbacks offer the opportunity to add a bit of colour and contrast to kitchen or bathroom designs.

Reflections splashbacks

Splashbacks come in several materials, including glass, acrylic and tile. Glass is popular because it is heat resistant, easy to clean, easy to install, available in many colours and looks fantastic when lit.

There is a catch, though; glass is quite expensive.

This is why we have added Reflections to the growing Cutshop product range. Made from hard-wearing aluminium, Reflections offers all the benefits of glass, but without the price tag.

Like glass, it is designed to reflect light and looks great when lit up by LED lighting.

Here are the details:

  • ideal for wet areas in kitchens, laundries, bathrooms and shower walls
  • easy to clean (no grout to worry about)
  • waterproof
  • easy to install
  • high gloss (great with lighting)
  • available in 12 colours (including Earth Metallic, Stiletto Metallic and Sheer Bliss White)
  • fire resistant.
Reflections splashbacks also come with a seven-year warranty.

What are the options?

If you have used Cutshop or read our previous articles, you’ll know that we can cut most materials, including MDF sheets, particle board, acrylic and, yes, aluminium.

Reflections splashbacks are available in many sizes, and we can cut them to suit your individual requirements.  Also, CNC machine programming makes it easy to cut out shapes to accommodate power points and tap fittings, etc.

There are also the following kits:

Cooker Splashback Kits — these are available in widths of 600mm and 900mm and a standard height of 750mm. A kit comes with trims, adhesive and tape as well as an instructional guide.

Splashback Hob Kits for Curved Range Hoods — these are available in sizes of 600mm x 750mm and 900mm x 750mm. Just tell us the model of your range hood, and we'll work out the specifications. 

To learn more about the Reflections range or view some samples, please get in touch.


   Reflections Splashbacks are available in twelve colours   


Reflections Splashbacks are available in twelve colours


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