You know, not every panel becomes part of a kitchen cabinet or wardrobe. We cut panels for many weird and wonderful applications. And some of the projects our DIY customers dream up never cease to amaze. In this post, we discuss decorative panels.

Uses for decorative panels

It may surprise you what decorative panels can be used for. Here are some options:

A feature: Decorative panels are fantastic for adding contrast and another dimension to a room.

Room dividers: Add privacy or partition a room

Cover faults: Do you have a wall that’s something of an eye-sore? Try covering it with a classy decorative panel.

Insulation: A decorative wall panel can add insulation and some flair at the same time.

Avoid using tiles: If you’d like tiles in your kitchen or bathroom but don’t want the expense, consider a tiled wall panel. 

Splashbacks: Use acrylic or perspex in laundries and kitchens for a waterproof splashback.

Reinforcement: For an old wall that needs a bit of support, a decorative panel can do the job nicely.

Noise reduction: Do you have a noisy room? Install a decorative wall panel with fabric around it. This will reduce noise and echo.

Bayer Privacy Screens

Want some privacy?

In a world of open-plan offices, decorative panels can also be used to add privacy. Here is an example of some panels we cut for our good customer DJS Cabinetry that were used in Bayer Pharmaceuticals’ lunchroom.


Think it. Make it

If you’re a DIYer, you needn’t fork out on expensive tools. We’ve already done that. How wild is your imagination? You think it and we’ll make it — just choose the material, give us the dimensions and we’ll do the rest.


What we cut

We’ll cut almost anything including plywood, MDF, solid wood, veneer, acrylic, Perspex, alumimium and polystyrene. And we’re not limited to straight lines — our CNC machine makes cutting complex designs a piece of cake.

Want to know more?

There is an almost limitless number of designs and materials available for decorative panels, such as Liquid Plywood, Wave Boards or GlossMax, just to name a few. To see more examples, please follow us on Facebook and Pinterest.


Decorative panel examples