Your machine breaks down just when you’ve got a critical deadline looming. As a cabinetmaker or shop fitter that’s probably your worst nightmare — right?

Easy answer.  Use Cutshop to give you extra capacity until you’re up and running again.  But what happens when WE have a breakdown?  Earlier this month the Holzher edge banding machine broke down at Cutshop Mt Wellington.  The glue station became inoperable and it soon became clear that it wasn’t going to fixed by maintenance alone.  Parts needed to be shipped in and the machine was going to be down for a week.  Minimum.

The branch had a full pipeline of work queuing, one staff member in hospital and we were heading to the Australian Woodworking Industry Suppliers Association (AWISA) exhibition in Melbourne the following week.  Just what we didn’t need.

Luckily we’re set up to deliver extra capacity to our customers, so we applied the same principle to our own little hiccup.  Cutshop North Shore has the same machine fully operational, so we identified all the urgent jobs and prioritised the work across both branches.   Mt Wellington’s most urgent jobs were quickly loaded and shipped to our North Shore branch.

A happy ending

It took a few long days and a fair amount of re-prioritisation in order to integrate the customer priorities of work at both branches without affecting our North Shore branch workload too much — but in the end all essential work was completed on time.  We got the problematic edge bander up and running again as soon as parts arrived a week later and also managed to attend the AWISA exhibition.

This could have turned into a disaster for us.  Most work is judged on the quality of its finish, so the edge-banding is the critical part of our operation. However, the incident highlighted the benefits of having the same equipment at all Cutshop branches. More importantly still, it shows that we have the capacity and flexibility to deliver to our customers at short notice.  We won’t let you down when you need us most.

The Cutshop model

By working with us, our customers add scale to their business without increasing overheads.  Cutshop works on a franchise model and all our franchisees operate the same way with similar machinery.  This brings efficiencies to our operation and certainty for our customers.

To find out how to add scale to your business by working with Cutshop, please get in touch. 

The Holzher Edgebanding machine glue station - diagnosis of repair

The Holzher Edgebanding machine glue station - diagnosis of repair