Floating shelves are a modern trend – they sound almost magical!  But floating shelves get their name because you can’t see how they attach to the wall. All the screws and fasteners are hidden giving them a floating appearance.

Floating shelves are suitable for the home or office, and they present a modern and uncluttered look. 

Think it. Make it

With DIY you can make stuff that’s unique. Only your imagination can hold you back … or lack of tools.

If tools are a problem, don’t be put off. That’s what Cutshop is here for.  We have invested in professional machinery, like CNC routers and edge-banding machines, so that DIYers, like you, don’t need to.

How we build a floating shelf

At Cutshop, we use two pieces of 16mm or 18mm board. We cut out pockets in each piece for the mounting brackets (which can be adjusted vertically and laterally)  and then laminate the pieces together. This creates a sturdy shelf 32mm or 36mm thick. So you can’t see the join, we then edge the shelf with PVC tape that matches or complements the board’s colour.

Floating Shelf diagram

What are the requirements?

The main challenge with floating shelves is mounting them. You see, the shelf support brackets need something substantial to attach to —  Gib board isn’t enough. So, you must work around a wall frame’s studs or nogs. Standard stud width is 600mm, but of course, you can work around that.

Floating shelves must also be thick, which is why we laminate 16mm or 18mm boards together. Remember shelves are required to support weight; there must also be enough material for the shelf support rods to slot into.

The cost

If you choose not to make your own shelf, we do sell standard packs. These shelves are 32mm thick and 200mm deep and come in white satin or black embossed with wood finishes – as per the photo below.

Standard prices by length

800mm: $80

1000mm: $100

1200mm: $120.

To make a floating shelf, just draw a picture and tell us the dimensions and the type of board you’d like to use. If you’re not sure about materials, let us know what the shelf will be used for and we’ll point you in the right direction.

To discuss your requirements, drop into Cutshop North Shore or get in contact with Debbie by phone (09-869 8690) or email.

How to make a Floating Shelf