Problems have inspired many great things. Look at Sam Morgan; he started Trade Me because he couldn’t find a heater online to warm his frigid student flat.  Cutshop’s story is a bit like that.

Back in 2009, one of our current owners also had a problem. He wanted some kitchen, vanity and wardrobe components cut for a new development. Easy, right? Well, actually, no. As it turned out, his requirement was too big for the local hardware store and too small for a cabinetmaker.

He saw an opportunity, and Cutshop was born. Seven years on, we have three franchises: one in Mt Wellington (the original), one on the North Shore which opened at the end of last year, and the recently opened Waikato.

The future is bright. So much so, that we’re opening a new franchise in Hamilton this year — Australia is also on the cards.

What’s the big deal about Cutshop?

Well, we can cut just about anything, thanks to our state-of-the-art Thermwood CNC router. This includes solid wood, MDF, acrylics, aluminium and polystyrene. And PUR / laser edge-banding, drilling and hardware are supplied as part of the package.


Because of fast production and the quality of our product, we’ve built a large client base of shop fitters, commercial cabinet maker and designers. We use e-Cabinet software, which makes the design process easy. All our trade customers need to do is supply a digital file, and we’ll do the rest. The software is extremely accurate, and most problems get fixed before a sheet even makes it to the cutting bed.


We live in the land of number-eight wire, so let’s not forget the do-it-yourselfers. There’s only so much you can do with a run-of-the-mill band saw, though. That’s why they love us.  All we need is an idea — a drawing, photograph, magazine article — and we’ll make it a reality.   We call it #thinkitmakeit !

A franchise opportunity

We’ve got big plans for Cutshop, and we are on the lookout for new franchisees in key regions of New Zealand. So, if you’re looking for an investment, you may want to consider us.

Through our website, billboards, radio commercials and direct selling, Cutshop has become an established brand. By investing in a franchise, you become part of a turnkey operation with established marketing strategies and procedures for quality control and brand protection.


If a Cutshop franchise is of interest to you in the following regions, please get in touch for more information:  

Northland, Tauranga, Manawatu, Gisborne and Hawkes Bay, Taranaki, Wellington, Nelson, Otago, Canterbury