When you’re building up a fleet of campervans, you want them all on the road at the start of summer, so new vehicle fit-outs have to be turned around fast.   Cutshop Waikato has recently been working hard to cut and assemble cabinets for 50 campervans over a period of eight weeks.  Cutshop Waikato got the job because they provided scalability and could handle short lead times. 

Each campervan needed cabinetry for the kitchenette to house the sink including storage underneath, plus cabinets for the microwave and small fridge.  Two long bed units with storage compartments underneath also had to be cut for each vehicle.

“It’s a very seasonal job. The customer supplies the vehicles and we fit them out.  On this recent job the customer got the vehicles to us later than planned.”

When the order came in for the first 20 vans, Cutshop stepped up.  By working extra hours and bringing in temporary staff to handle assembly, there was soon a stack of 20 sets of units waiting in the warehouse — rather than a production queue.

The client had originally planned to assemble the units but found themselves short-staffed with a deadline looming.  “We didn’t have the time to put them together, so it was handy that Cutshop could do it.  Convenience is a big thing for us.”

“Cutshop are really easy to deal with, they’re very friendly guys.  We’ve put a bit of pressure on them at times and they’ve done well.  Given the quantities involved in this job, it needed to be done using a CNC machine to handle the volume and repeatability.  Cutshop always deliver a nice, tidy job.  The flow-through has been much easier – and that keeps our customer happy.”

The cabinetry is built using soft plywood (a third of the weight of standard ply) coated with a high-pressure laminate to ensure integrity.  The cabinets need to be lightweight to avoid increasing vehicle fuel consumption.  The client supplied the board and Cutshop supplied the trim.

It’s been a great job for us,” comments Keith Hofer, franchisee at Cutshop Waikato.  We can easily customise cabinetry for a specific space and are set up with the machinery to handle volume.  We’re looking forward to more motorhomes in 2018.”



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