Welcome the latest development in sustainable urban living!  All you need is 17 sheets of plywood, a rubber hammer and 500 stainless steel screws and you can build your own Growroom.  This spherical garden takes the vertical garden wall to a whole new level! 

Described as an urban farm pavilion, the Growroom was one of the projects undertaken by Space 10, a future-living lab in Copenhagen.  Space 10’s mission is to create better, more sustainable ways of living in the future.  According to the Growroom’s designer, this novel structure was created to ‘empower people to grow their own food much more locally in a beautiful and sustainable way’.

"Local food represents a serious alternative to the global food model. It reduces food miles, our pressure on the environment, and educates our children of where food actually comes from," Space10 writes.

The plans for this design have just become open source, so anyone can create an amazing walk-in garden for veggies, herbs or any other kind of plant you prefer.   We have already been asked to cut the elements for one customer, so the plans are already programmed into our machines. 

If this is a concept that appeals to you, talk to your local Cutshop, we can adapt the design to suit your requirements and deliver it flat-packed to your door.  If you can imagine it, we can make it!

photo credit: Business Insider, Niklas Adrian Vindelev

photo credit: Business Insider, Niklas Adrian Vindelev