Bright, bold colours are the trademark of New Zealand fashion designer, Kelly Coe.  Kelly is the founder of Augustine International where she works with her husband and business manager Nathan, selling limited-run, unique clothing through 75 boutiques around New Zealand.  The brand was launched almost nine years ago and has quickly become New Zealand’s most followed fashion label on social media, with almost 140,000 Facebook fans.

When Nathan approached Cutshop Mt Wellington at the end of 2016 with plans to refit the company’s new Auckland offices, he wanted to make sure that the brand’s colourful, fun styling was reflected in both the interior and exterior design.  He had first contacted us two years earlier with plans to create a plant wall.  That project was such a success that we were the first cab off the rank this time around. 

“Nathan liked the pattern we had in our reception and decided to go with it for a room divider,” said Simon Morton from Cutshop Mount Wellington. “He also wanted to have the company name and logo engraved on either side.” 

Due to the sheer size of the wall, Cutshop had to split the screen into three parts.  Our software enabled us to create the design and then break it down into smaller panels to be machined and put back together to form the final product. 

“We also made wall panels, machined in a ‘golf ball’ pattern from our decorative panel library, on oversized material (3660 x 1220).  These screens were then sent off to be spray painted in luminous yellow and shocking pink with a high gloss finish,” continued Simon.  

“Lastly, we engraved a flower pattern onto oversized black melteca on MDF. The challenge here was to get the pattern to repeat onto the next sheet of material and to match up like wall paper. Good software is important, but an equally talented programmer is vital. This is Shane’s forte and the results speak for themselves. Augustine now have an amazing head office that is funky and bright.”

With the interior complete, Nathan shifted his focus outside.  Augustine had created their own design for a patterned fascia, based on the concept of bubbles floating in the air, which they supplied to us in a DXF format.  We cut the 4mm aluminum composite material (ACM) with a special tool that allowed the builders to fold it around a wooden frame to create a box.  The ACM was supplied by PSP and is available in a range of colours and sheet sizes.