Imagine meeting a potential customer knowing you had access to the largest machines in the country and an expert team with design capability, but without needing to invest or spend a dollar.

That’s what we mean when saying: “a factory in your back pocket” - an idea we introduced in the June edition of Joiners Magazine.

We want to give kitchen designers, cabinet makers and shop-fitters, and people designing and creating bespoke furniture and products, confidence to take on any job knowing the manufacturing will be looked after.

Cutshops in Auckland and Hamilton and growing

We can do this because we have three, owner operator, factories in Auckland and Hamilton, and we are looking at opening more in other regional centres. 

With a current total floor area of 2000m2 our three factories operate individually, or as one, because they have uniform machining and design software programming.  We also guarantee fast turnaround delivery between five to ten working days, nationwide.

Big machines are best

Our engine room is the three largest flatbed CNCs in New Zealand, each with a total surface area of 7.70sqm, providing the best nesting efficiency and usage of each sheet.

Supporting the grunt of the CNCs are three Holzher Lumina 1586 Edgebanders as well as routers, tablesaws and other equipment.

The “factory in your back pocket” idea is aimed at our two main groups of customers:  the kitchen and shop-fitting trade who want to use us as a preferred supplier of ready to assemble cabinetry and designers of bespoke products who need a manufacturing partner.

Our large scale capacity provides support to those who have machines but can’t manage all the work, or those who don’t have machines.  We are also a lifeline when equipment breaks down.

When it comes down to it, many of our customers don’t want the responsibility and expense of managing equipment and premises, and employing extra people, as it can just be a hassle. 

We take care of all this for you and in doing so make it as simple as possible.  

Projects from concept to delivery

We can take any project from design, to concept, to manufacturing and delivery, with fast turnaround, consistent high quality service and the backing of considerable design and manufacturing experience.

Some people call this outsourcing but we prefer insourcing.  Our customers don’t give away their production but bring in resources so they can achieve their goals.

Scale for any sized job

As a result of having three factories with the same machines and processes we can scale up by sharing the work between locations so that delivery times are met.

We think like Musketeers, as we are all for one and one for all!

This is what Cutshop is all about - straightforward, no hassle, mates to help and a bloody good reliable service – you think it, we make it. 

We call this the cut ‘n’ trust of design and manufacturing.

CNC contract cutting service