Karl and Monique Ross had a small problem to solve when they were preparing for the arrival of their first baby.  Space was at a premium in their compact nursery with no room for a set of drawers.

As all prospective parents find out, little people do not travel light, so Monique and Karl came up with the clever idea of refitting the existing in-built cupboard to create some easily accessible storage space.  As an experienced cabinetmaker and director of Next Level Kitchens, Karl had the inside track on the latest design ideas: “We took off the existing standard house door and decided to split the space into two areas with three deep drawers in the bottom half and hanging space with some shelving at the top.”

Conscious to avoid sharp corners and sticking out handles – especially at toddler height, they opted for inset ‘shark nose’ handles – cut away at a 45⁰ angle on the inside edge.  This negative detail means that the drawers and cupboard door sit flush with the wall creating a smooth, modern, child-friendly finish.

Once the design had been decided upon, Karl took the specs to Cutshop.  “Cutshop is always quick to turn around high quality, accurate jobs for my customers.  So, when it came to cutting a job for my own house, I wouldn’t go anywhere else,” said Karl.  “I was very confident that they would deliver.”

Monique is delighted with the result: “The drawers are light enough to make them easy to pull out for an adult, but they will be hard for a toddler, which is great.  I can fit everything into the nursery now without too much clutter – there’s even room for my nursing chair.  It’s exactly what I wanted.”