Twelve months ago, after a dozen or more years spent working for other people, Maungaturoto-based cabinet maker Jake Hill took the plunge and set up Prime Design Furniture and Cabinetry. Although building and fitting kitchen cabinetry is his bread and butter, Jake’s first love is designing and making furniture from solid timber. This has led to some stunning cross-overs into some of Prime Design’s kitchens.

“Anyone can have a square box kitchen, but solid wood adds some real impact,” said Jake. “I built my brother’s kitchen using solid timber panels and countertop and he absolutely loves it - which is good, because I’m in and out of there every couple of weeks!”

According to Jake, setting up his own business was ‘a big learning curve’ and 2018 started fairly slowly. Business is really picking up now, thanks to word of mouth recommendations from happy clients, a bit of local signage and Facebook advertising.

As a mobile cabinet maker, Jake didn’t invest in a workshop and machinery up front — instead he gets all his kitchens cut and edged at Cutshop North Shore. “Their turn-around times are really good – within a week – and Cutshop’s planning and accuracy are great. I’ve got a strong relationship with the team and it’s all working really well for me,” said Jake. “I wouldn’t have been able to get the ball rolling without Cutshop.”

Find out more about using Cutshop as a ‘factory in your back pocket”.

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