To say that Devin Hart is a DIY enthusiast would be an understatement.  He has spent the last three years building his own house from the ground up, as well as doing his sister’s kitchen and his neighbour’s home-theatre cabinet. 

DIY seems to run in the family.  Devin’s father used to be a kitchen cabinet maker, so Devin had the skills and tools to succeed — the only thing he found himself short of was time.

“When I was half-way through the house build, I looked at the amount of time it would take to do the interior fit-out and felt exhausted.  I knew about Cutshop because I’d seen their van around – so I went to see Dave at Cutshop North Shore to see if he could help.”

Devin and Dave immediately got into discussions around the work that needed to be completed on the architecturally designed kitchen and the pencil drawings of the bathroom vanities, walk-in wardrobes, day-beds for the study and master bedroom with fitted drawers underneath and a couch with drawers and built-in speaker units for the living room.

“There’s a lot of knowledge in the Cutshop team,” said Devin.  “They can take you from a pencil drawing to the final design: cut, drilled and delivered in a flat-pack ready to build.  They are a phenomenal company to help you out”

Devin found that he could complete the remaining work in half the time for half the cost using Cutshop.  Ease and accuracy were the two biggest advantages that he gained from using the professional cutting service.  Devin was particularly concerned that the kitchen cabinets, cut to fit underneath a stainless-steel work bench, lined up flawlessly.  The 4m benchtop featuring two waterfall edges is a stunning centerpiece for his kitchen.

“Cutshop machines are accurate to within fractions of a millimetre.  Every screw hole is pre-drilled and 100% correct.  I’ve got a high finish on my house and was really keen that everything fitted perfectly.  Cutshop delivered.  In the kitchen, the whole job was accurate.  No extra work, no errors, no extra holes.”

“This is a really good system for the average person to use – you get a custom-built job for half the cost and Cutshop really make the experience enjoyable for you.  I tell everyone that’s building to go and see the Cutshop team.”

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