It was a very busy lead-up to Christmas for Crestline, a family-owned commercial furniture company in Hamilton.  When they received a large order for tables from a key client, sales consultant, Naomi Sholz, got on the phone to Cutshop.

Naomi asked for a quote on the production of 90 table tops in three different designs: round, oval and rectangular.  The oval tops had to exactly match existing stock owned by Crestline’s client.  The curves in every design added an element of style to the tables – and a level of difficulty to the job.  Even the rectangular tables had a radius on each edge instead of a straight line.

“The table tops were all shapes and sizes, and they had to be custom-made.  And on top of that, each design had a different style of folding leg with a distinct drill pattern,” said Naomi. 

Ahead of the game

The original delivery date gave Cutshop four weeks to produce the pre-drilled, finished tops.  This deadline was later pushed out when there was a delay in receiving the table legs from another supplier.

“Cutshop were always running ahead of time on the job,” said Naomi. “I’ve never experienced service like it.  There were no delays and the table tops were ready before we needed them, so Cutshop gave us the option of having them delivered early or putting them on hold until the original delivery date.”

To get the job done on time and in spec, Cutshop collected a sample oval table directly from Crestline’s client to match and then invested in some new machinery to tackle the curves. 

“Our big Holzher Lumina 1586 edgebander couldn’t deliver the finish that we needed for the curves, so we bought a manual edgebander to deliver the job,” commented Keith Hofer at Cutshop Waikato.  “This meant we could deliver the finish that Crestline needed — and it also opens up a wider range of jobs for us in the future.”

A quality job

Naomi was impressed with the end-product: “The accuracy and finish were brilliant, it was a very high-quality job.  Cutshop really know what they’re doing – and they stand out from their competitors.  If there’s a problem, they get straight on the phone to check in with us. If you need an answer, you get it straight away.  Calls are returned promptly and there are no surprises.”

The thing that most impressed Naomi was that Cutshop applied the same urgency and customer service to the small jobs as they did to the large: “We had asked Cutshop to do a few cut-downs in the past and they were just as professional in they way that they tackled these smaller jobs,” she said. 

“When you rely on a third party it’s always reassuring to know that you won’t be left with egg on your face.  Dealing with Cutshop is effortless.”

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