If you want something a little different for an interior or exterior feature, try thinking three-dimensionally.  Decorative panels pack a real punch when it comes to adding a touch of texture and colour to your plans.

There are endless ways to incorporate decorative panels into your home or workplace, here are just a few:

Decorative door panels – Gussy up kitchen door panels with a machined pattern, then just spray paint for a perfect finish.

Island back panels – Make a feature out of your kitchen island with pattern or texture that suits your aesthetic. 

Splash backs – Use patterns to add a wow factor in acrylic or metal (ACM) splashbacks.

Room dividers – In an open-plan world, decorative panels give you the chance to create some privacy.

Interior feature walls – Instead of relying on paint or wall paper add texture and depth with a medium that literally stands out from the rest!

Exterior feature walls –  Make an unforgettable first impression with an exterior feature wall.  Cutshop Mt Wellington is cutting ACM and vinyl sheets to create a colourful, waterproof feature as part of a larger house reno.  Watch this space for the big reveal!

Cutshop has a library of decorative panels featuring a wide range of patterns available on a choice of three substrates (MDF, Ply and Solid Surface/Acrylic) in three sizes from a standard sheet down to a 360mm tile.  These patterns will kick-start your creativity and make it quick, easy and affordable to create decorative panels for… just about anything.