A 150-room hotel refurbishment has put Cutshop Mt Wellington’s ability to deliver scale to the test – and the team has come out on top. However, the real challenge has been that all 150 rooms stayed open to guests throughout the project.  With only 50 rooms left to go, it’s a job that will have spanned 18months by the end date.

Wayne Billings of Syracuse Joinery Collective project-managed the refurbishment as well as working alongside a colleague to fit the ready-assembled units in each room.  “We’re given a four-hour window for each room,” he explained.  “The guests normally leave around 10am.  Housekeeping go straight in to clear the linen and soft furnishings, then they are followed by the maintenance team —who break down the old units and headboards.  We have to fit the units, clear up and be out by 2pm, in time for the arrival of the next guests.”

The building itself is forty years old, with a ‘new’ wing half that age.  Wayne and the team had six different types of room to fit out in the four-star luxury hotel – and uneven walls and floors in the older section presented a challenge at times. 

“There have been some tricky days,” admitted Wayne.  “We’ve had to tweak a few things as we progressed but Cutshop is always very responsive and helps us to solve the problems as we face them.  The result is that we’ve delivered solid, modern, well-designed units and they look great". 

Once the hotel approved final plans, the units were programmed into the Cutshop CNC machine and the project started to take shape.  Cutshop cut, edged and drilled the carcasses and delivered them flat-packed to Wayne who would build them off-site and bring them in ready to install. 

“We’ve done it so many times now that we’ve got it down pat.  We cut, build and fit them in batches of twenty, then take a break before tackling the next lot.”

The objective was to refresh and update the rooms, giving them a modern design that was both user-friendly and easy to maintain.  The only moving parts were in the two-drawer unit.  Blum hardware and high quality materials were used throughout.

“We haven’t had to change anything.  Everything just fits together – it’s stunning. The units are cam-locked and designed so that you can’t see any screws.’

In addition to his day job, Wayne has a hobby business making bespoke heirloom furniture, painstakingly using traditional joinery methods like tongue and groove — hand-cutting rebate joints.  It’s clear that he is a craftsman at heart: “I admit, I’m quite pedantic — it would’ve driven me crazy working with a supplier that didn’t pay attention to the fine detail of a job.  Cutshop cuts with such amazing accuracy – the build was flawless.”