An imposing 1930’s desk originating from Auckland Central Post Office takes pride of place in David Pearce’s office.  As a personal coach and business mentor, it’s a space where he spends a good amount of time, but David had one problem: “I’ve got lots of books, almost too many and I wanted to get them off my desk.”

David’s solution was to custom-build a bookcase to match the desk, complete with two different shelf widths, so he took the concept and dimensions over to Cutshop Mt. Wellington.  “I’ve always thought that if you can imagine what something is going to be like then you’re half-way there,” he said.  “I spoke to Shane the programmer and within five minutes he had a three dimensional image up on screen that we could fine tune.”

David readily confesses that he’s not a woodworker, describing himself as ‘more brave than handy’, so he welcomed the expert advice of Simon Morton regarding internal versus external dimensions.  “I wanted the bookcase to accommodate an antique typewriter and some other nick nacks.  We discussed the best materials and joining systems and got through the process in no time at all.”

The end result was a happy one: “I got what I wanted.  It arrived flat-packed like a large jigsaw along with a comprehensive plan from Shane to help me put it together correctly.” Cutshop even recommended a suitable stain to match the desk which ‘brought out the grain nicely.’

David found the material relatively easy to work with and used a mortise and tenon joining system – though contrary to the instructions, he confesses he did add a few screws.

“I had a few interesting moments during assembly but the bookcase was worth it!  Cutshop’s expertise turned my idea into a reality. I believe that we all do better in life if we enlist the skills and talents of other people and combine them with our own.  Cutshop made it easy for me.  I’ve now got a bigger project in mind and when the right time comes, I’ll know who to call.”