In our last blog we looked at the events which most commonly trigger the start of a major renovation.  This time around, we review the use of storage solutions and custom cabinetry to deliver the naturally easy flow and functionality that we all aspire to. 

90% of home renovators surveyed by Houzz chose to upgrade their cabinetry as part of their kitchen renovation.  Motivated by the need to make better use of space, make it easier to find things and reduce clutter, the top three cabinet storage types chosen across all age ranges were cutlery organisers, pull-out waste or recycling cabinets and deep drawer organisers.  Almost 60% chose to buy custom-made cabinets, 20% elected semi-custom cabinets, leaving only 15% buying off-the-shelf ready-to-assemble options.

When you look at age demographics, the older group (55+) were most likely to opt for custom cabinets followed by 58% of 35-54 year old’s and 47% of the 25-34 year old group.

Cutshop supplier, Blum, has some fantastic kitchen storage options, along with lots of inspiration and ideas for practical kitchens.  They encourage renovators to consider the following questions when deciding on how to optimize space in the kitchen: How big is your family, what are your buying and eating habits, what kind of life do you lead? And given that kitchens normally last at least 15 years, it’s important to also consider future needs.

If you’re unsure of how much storage space you’ll need in your new kitchen, Blum have a great tool called ‘Zone Planner’ which will help you calculate your requirements and get ideas for functional cabinet solutions.  Check it out here.

One such practical cabinet solution is their space tower (have a look at their video here).  The space tower offers easy all-round 180 degree access with soft touch opening and closing and shelving which comes in all heights, widths and depths and can be tailored to your individual storage space needs. 

Other great storage ideas include specialist drawer systems, corner cupboard carousels and toe kick drawers making use of the narrow space right at the base of your units – great for storing platters and trays.

Talk to Cutshop if you’d like to find out about more options for kitchen storage and custom cabinetry.