When the New Zealand marketing manager for Methven, Marek Koliandr, wanted a beautiful way to display a newly-launched product in their designer shower range, he thought inside the box.  Literally. 

Cutshop North Shore used its powerful CNC machines to accurately cut a range of specific shapes in order to present the components of the new shower mixer in an innovative way, using hard-wearing Melteca as the base material.

“I wanted to create an upmarket timber box – displaying each of the components that make up our new shower mixer - a bit like a Lego kit,” explained Marek.  “I loved Lego as a kid and this display box has the same sort of appeal because every piece fits in place beautifully.  We really took a consumer approach to displaying a trade product.”

Each display box was screen printed and lacquered and comes fitted with a chain to keep the lid in place while the sales team presents the product.  “We needed a specific shape cut out of the Melteca to fit each piece: pipes, nuts and barrels.  The CNC machine gave a good clean line.  A carpenter would struggle to produce the same high-quality finish.”

Marek worked closely with the North Shore team to build and test prototypes, refining the design until everyone was 100% happy with the end result.  “Cutshop was willing to sacrifice a bit of material to test and adjust the design, so we were sure we had it exactly right,” said Marek. 

“It was great to work with people who do what they say they’ll do.  Cutshop turned around two lots of twelve boxes in two days.  I’m keen to create more display boxes in the future for different products – these have been so well-received by the trade.”