Harnessing creativity to maximise potential

Cutshop’s very own Mike Petry spends his days getting hands-on programming multiple projects, requiring concentration and high levels of skill. He enjoys the creativity and craft involved in his work and finds reward in ensuring customers’ visions are brought to life.

The process is quite meticulous, and each measurement must be exact if it is to be cut successfully.

The computers are used for programming and 3D modelling, which not only reduces the risk of making a mistake, but gives everyone a visual representation of the design before it takes physical shape.

3d model of wardrobe cabinet

When Mike’s not busy programming, he’s putting quotes together for the multiple clients he hears from via email each day. On top of this, he talks with walk-in customers who may have small, specific requests, such as a simple saw job or basic edging. Sometimes those customers may be looking for a quote for a new project, too, so there is definitely variety in every day.

Hands-on transformation

One of his proudest creations was a walk-in wardrobe conversion. The wardrobe space already existed, but it wasn’t being used to its fullest potential. Mike’s job was to help cut the wood for the interiors, where there would be rails and shelves and a set of drawers. Along the way, Mike did make some suggestions with ideas about how to fit the cabinets into the space, but the design itself was all done by the customer. 

Overcoming challenges and beating deadlines

Cutshop is always delivering exceptional quality outcomes but that’s not to say they don’t have their own challenges.  Mike admits the trickiest thing to do was ensure the cabinets would fit together on the corner assembly (every house has its own unique corners!), but they managed to get it done.

In terms of turnaround time, once the final plans were confirmed, the job was put into production the following day. The manufacturing was completed within the 5-working turnaround, so all-in-all, the process was very fast - without compromising on quality.


A positive end result

The customer did all of the installation themselves with the parts supplied and was very happy with the outcome. The goal to maximise the space with a nice clean finish was achieved. Mike was also super pleased with the end result, happy to have helped another client bring a design project to life.