Cole Ferreira, currently interning at Cutshop Mt Wellington, is always looking for a challenging project to dive into, and opportunities to upskill himself. Cole loves getting hands-on, involving himself in exciting projects, helping the processes in the factory to run smoothly, and running the famous CNC machine. 

One of Cole’s proudest moments to date was producing a stunning table for the Cutshop team’s smoko room. Even though it was an in-house product, the team wanted it to look stylish and presentable enough for meetings and other formal social gatherings, and be a possible showpiece for clients who might be looking for inspiration for furniture in their own businesses.

The table was to be made from bamboo plywood, at a height of 745mm, length of 2410mm and width of 904mm.

After some discussions around its production, Cole could take his notes, combine them with some of his own inspired thoughts and creativity, and bring the table to life. This project enabled him to put the skills he’d learned with previous jobs, to the test.

Roughly 12 hours of work went into the completion of the table from start to finish, which was slightly longer than he’d anticipated, but thankfully, there was no particular deadline surrounding its completion.

The team was very pleased with the result… let us know If you’d like your own table?!