Cutshop prides itself on helping Kiwis ignite their ingenuity and bring projects to life that will serve the nation. That’s exactly what we did when we worked with George Campbell from NZ Auto Traps. This project was a distinctively kiwi-esque project to undertake - building pest traps.

The NZ Auto Traps team weren’t just building a basic product, either. They were incorporating specific modern technology to enhance productivity and effectiveness.

The idea for this kind of trap developed from recognising a need for a self-resetting predator trap, with many goals in mind such as improving trap performance, versatility, and ability (i.e. capturing more than one predator), increasing the controlled area without the need for increased labour or resources, and reducing the reliance on toxins.

The trap also needed to be able to withstand extended periods of time out in harsh, damp conditions.

With such specific requirements, the team needed to make sure they were using quality products and could produce a strong, durable and high-performing trap. As Business Manager, George is responsible for the sales, purchasing, shipping and accounting side of the company, and there are only three team members usually working on projects.

Originally, the team was using skill saws, which they found to be very labour intensive while producing varying results. They decided to look further afield for partners to get the job done more efficiently and create some consistency, which is how they came across Cutshop. 

 Cutshop turned out to be just the right partners for the job, not shying away from hiccups they initially faced with cutting the h3.2 treated plywood, instead working innovatively to find a solution. The Cutshop team also helped decipher what the NZ Auto Traps team needed to do to get the most economical use out of their materials. 

We get the backboards, the mounts and the parts for the housing cut by Cutshop. We then assemble the housing (that’s the bit that has the writing on it). We then mount the trap onto the backboard and the housing fits over the top to protect the workings from vermin damage.

The delivery time on the first batch of wood was excellent which relieved additional stress from the team at NZ Auto Traps. Looking long-term, the company are stepping up their production to 1,000 units per month, which is no doubt going to put pressure on them and their suppliers - but in Cutshop they have a manufacturing partner that will deliver when it comes to efficiency, good services, quality, and pricing after a great first experience.