Howick-based couple Neil and Linda Forrester live in a practically 100% Cutshop home - as far as interior surfaces and storage go. For a while, the two of them lived comfortably in a flat in Howick and, after some consideration regarding their lifestyle, they decided to demolish the flat and build a whole new place, fit for retirement.

Neil and Linda opted for an eco-friendly home, with a very clean feel throughout every room. Not too much clutter, nice and simple, with minimal negative detail and avoiding architraves around the doors found in most homes these days.

A Foundational Relationship

In their previous home (pre-living in the flat), the couple had used Cutshop’s services for some of their interiors, so, when it came to creating new storage spaces and suchlike, there was no question about going back to Cutshop a second time.

Not only was there more freedom to build self-designed ideas, Neil knew of friends who had spent almost 100 thousand dollars on their kitchen by going through the usual routes of package deals - so he knew that they’d be making an incomparable saving going through Cutshop.

Neil wanted something authentic and cost-effective, and between him and Linda, they created designs in scrapbooks that Cutshop could help bring to fruition.

Creative solutions for easier living

When it came to storage (particularly in the kitchen) Linda admits she was never any good at keeping tidy shelves. Things often became quite disorganised and trickier to locate as a result. It wasn’t something they liked to show guests, and so they decided drawers would be the best option wherever they could be fitted throughout the house (because it was easier to hide things)!

Of course, rooms have corners, and the pair also had to do some thinking about how to tackle storage in those pesky kitchen corners. Originally, Linda was told to perhaps have a spinning inner cabinet inside a cupboard, but after some thought, it seemed like a messy idea that would probably cause more issues than solutions.

As a result, Cutshop helped create kitchen drawers that fitted perfectly into the corner, adding much more space and stopping the couple from having to rely on shelves requiring tons of digging into the depths of dark crevices.

This was the first time Cutshop had cut this type of design, so, once done, the team put it together in the factory first to make sure it would fit correctly. Linda and Neil felt reassured that the team at Cutshop were so committed to making sure everything ran smoothly from start to finish. 

Tandem Timeframes

With the house being built from scratch around the same time as the work at Cutshop was being done, the pair needed to work closely with Cutshop to schedule the production, and have each set of wood/laminate sent to them at a convenient time.

The entire kitchen, all of the vanities, bathrooms, bedroom furniture, ensuite, shelves beneath the stairs, all of the laundry and garage storage was being cut by Cutshop, and before long there was quite the collection of numbered raw materials stacking up for Neil to put together.

A keen DIYer, some doubted Neil’s ability to construct everything alone due to the mass amount of construction required, but his clear vision and determination to bring their ideas to life drove him forward to completion, with some help from the builders as the house was being built.

Neil was smart with his timeline, doing much of the piecing together through the Christmas period when the builders weren’t around, so as not to get in their way.

The kitchen was the biggest project to undertake, but thankfully, Cutshop is highly experienced in this department. When it came to choosing wood and materials, Neil and Linda had looked through several veneers to use for the cupboards, but none of them fitted the brief they were trying to achieve.

Cutshop made constructive suggestions such as using laminate instead of solid wood, which meant they could have a cheaper wood composite without compromising on look or quality.

Unbeatable Value

Neil insisted on the quality of materials sourced and cut by Cutshop were miles above that of competing providers, and felt thoroughly pleased with the outcome in every way. When asked if any of their ideas were modified or changed by the Cutshop team along the way, they said:

Only slightly, but everything had a purpose and the suggestions were very helpful

Cutshop works closely with Blum, and so, to finish off the cabinetry and drawers, Neil and Linda had a good look the hardware provided by the Blum team. Neil was stoked at the great cost and choices available, and in the end, all of the couple’s ideas were met with the best products and services.

Freedom To Explore Creativity And Bespoke Ideas

When asked about recommendations to others hoping to renovate or build a new kitchen, Neil was adamant that there was an advantage to using an architect. Through using an architect, they were able to design what they wanted to the exact detail, resting assured that Cutshop could deliver the goods after designs were complete.

The draftsmen don’t quite have the same depth of knowledge and appreciation of space. Architects have artistic qualities that can enhance the build, the quality, and the finish. And Cutshop bring it to life.

Throughout the entire process, both Neil and Linda said that the Cutshop team were very encouraging and supportive and that they’re very content with the final design of their cabinets, storage systems and everything in between.