Lester Haycock is the founder of Future Proof Building (FPB) and co-founder of Trade Innovations and High Performer. Though semi-retired, he continues to involve himself in a range of projects across the board of his industry. 

In his own new-build house, when it came to furnishing, an architect created the design for a walk-in wardrobe for one of the bedrooms. The space would require some innovative thinking when it came to furniture - and so, the brief for the wardrobe was rather complex. It needed to host shelves, hanging rails, drawers, and cupboards, in quite a confined room with varying corner angles. 

The standard procedure would be to research and gather quotes from cabinet makers and wardrobe suppliers, but when faced with through-the-roof, unjustifiable fees for a relatively small endeavour, Lester looked in Cutshop’s direction, realising that it would probably be more worthwhile physically developing the architect’s design from scratch.

He couldn’t have made a better decision. Collaborating with Cutshop Mt Wellington meant that the dimensions would be cut to the exact detail, resulting in straightforward installation, and bringing the architect’s vision to life with ease. Since then, Lester hasn’t looked back! No longer does he spend time trying to find the perfect - or close enough - furniture and pre-made sets. All he needs is measurements and Cutshop can do the rest!

The Cutshop team also made a few useful suggestions regarding the manufacturing process, to make sure the right decisions were made every step of the way. They sourced wood that was the perfect colour, texture, size, and durability for the furniture within the wardrobe, and ensured they left no detail unattended to. Needless to say, the outcome was wonderful!

Cutshop is a concept of the future

Lester has been in his industry for years, and along the way has always strived to look for innovative new ways of doing things. He’s imported kitchens from China and other countries to give customers fresh, global designs, and worked with various manufacturers and high-tech equipment here in New Zealand.

However, in doing this, over time Lester has seen just how much other companies’ margins were making costs mount up very quickly. He also felt that he could be doing more to provide that ‘customised’ experience to his clients. Working alongside Cutshop meant he could deliver the same if not better quality outcomes, with a personalised touch, all whilst saving time, money and hassle. 

When it came to installation, being a handyman himself, Lester had no trouble assembling the wardrobe - though he was grateful the Cutshop team had offered a hand should he have needed it. 

Just to top things off, when asked about his overall experience working with Cutshop, Lester said he was impressed with the team-oriented nature of the Cutshop team, and felt their professionalism shone through from start to finish.