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Have a bespoke design idea?  Cutshop® it!

Ever had an idea you just wanted to bring to life?  It may be scribbled on paper, written up in detail or just in your head, but it hasn’t yet been made.  At Cutshop® we help bring your ideas to life using prototyping – the first step when taking an idea from your own design to a finished product.

We call it the first cut, before the final cut!  We’ve helped lots of people with prototypes, including an easy-to-assemble cot for new-born babies, designer furniture, bespoke parts for for race car trailers and even wooden toys.

A prototype is your 'first impression' - your idea brought to life!

A prototype gives you something you can hold and look at so you can work out improvements.  Lean in on our manufacturing expertise to take your project to the next stage of development - no matter if its a set of shelves for the house, or a funky new furniture design set to take the world by storm!

Once we understand what you are trying to achieve, we work to programme your design using our CAD or CAM software and then cut a prototype product using our robotic Thermwood CNCs, usually from plywood or polystyrene – the cutting can be as simple or complex as needed, all done with exact precision. 

We can cut just one item for you, or scale up for full production - totally up to you!

Our commitment: as a manufacturing partner, “our factory is your factory”.  We have your product success at heart as we know your success will be ours too.  We love helping people with their ideas – it’s what keeps us a cut above the rest.

Give us a call on 0800 288 7467 to start your next CNC prototyping project.

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